Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I really need an alarm in San Carlos?

A. Yes, but we will let the community answer this!

Q. How much will a new, wireless system cost?

A. It depends on the type of system and how many sensors are needed.

Q. How long will it take to install a new wireless system?

A. The average time to install is between three to five hours.

Q. How much of a mess will you make in my house?

A. There will be no mess at all. We drill only a couple of holes and use vacuum cleaners.

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Q. Does this equipment come with a warranty?

A. Yes, all equipment has at least a one year manufacturer warranty.

Q. Will there be a price increase for your services?

A. Our contract specifies that the price will remain the same for a three year period.

Q. How easy is this system to use?

A. VERY EASY! It is voice prompted and talks in plain English.

Q. What if my power goes out?

A. Not a problem, the equipment has a built in battery backup that should last at least twenty-four hours.

Q. What if my phone line goes out?

A. If you have our backup communication module, it will still communicate via other means.

Q. Will my maid be able to use the system?

A. Yes, we send a bilingual technician to train your maid to use the system. Many of our clients have maids that use the systems.

Q. Will my contractor still be able to get into my house?

A. Yes, we can give him a one time code to enter, or set up a permanent code for him to use.

Q. Can I control lights and appliances with this system?

A. Yes, most of our systems have integrated home control systems so you can schedule lights, etc.

Q. Can I tell if my maid showed up to clean?

A. Yes, the systems logs the entry and exit times of each individual user that enters.

Q. Can I know how frequently my house was rented out?

A. Yes, we can set up a renter's code so that any time a renter enters the premises, a log is created.

Q. What if I forget to activate my system?

A. No problem, give us a call and we can arm your system from our office instantly!

Q. Will I receive a discount on my home insurance policy?

A. Yes, all local insurance brokers offer a discount with our monitoring service.