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As far as common professionally rated brand names offered in the market, I can only offer a personal opinion based on my experience having installed most types of alarms. Bear in mind, those companies which deal in a particular make will of course tend to see their equipment as the best for you and always have some reason (real or otherwise) why other panels are inferior. Also, every installer has his/her own favorite panel, and one which they use for the majority of their installations (and I am no exception). Also bear in mind, the area/country you live in will dictate the makes commonly available.

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G.E. Security – after personally testing all major brands I have found this to be far superior for the type of construction found here in Mexico. I can typically reach thru five or more brick walls and three ceilings of concrete with this wireless product. Once we have a strong wireless signal in the home I can add many devices that you won’t get with a wired system - keyfobs, medical panics, water sensors, etc. The wireless alarm system is truly the panel of the future, no more compromised systems by broken or cut wires.  The remote programming and controlling abilities are truly amazing. G.E. has built-in home automation (light and appliance control) in most panels. The voice panel known as "Simon” is about the easiest alarm panel to operate. This panel can be controlled by any telephone from anywhere in the world. This entire line can be seen in our showroom, and is our most popular panel. This GE product is the only brand that is approved for wireless smoke and fire protection in the United States. Ninety percent of government offices in the United States are equipped with G.E. security products. The future trend is definitely towards the wireless application which eliminates the possibility of integrity issues.


Ademco (Honeywell)- Revised information coming soon.


DSC (Digital Security Controls of Mississauga, Ontario. -  Most of the larger and medium sized companies use this equipment, although not the most modern as far as false alarm prevention features go. DSC supplies the equipment for a lot of firms who put their own name on it (called "OEM marketing - original equipment manufacturing - a common practice in most industries). Their products include DSC 1500 / 1550 6 zone panel, up to the DSC 3000 16 zone version. A few years ago, they added the DSC 1555 "Classic" series of upgraded panels in an attempt to "play catch-up" with the competition. These are excellent wired hybrid panels but have very poor wireless range, and are priced competitively for the low end residential and small business markets. We offer this brand as an alternative to the superior G.E. wireless systems.




Available devices:

Cellular backup module (highly recommended)

Wireless voice prompted alarm panel

Multi-partition commercial panels

Complete wired and wireless systems

Hybrid systems (wired and wireless capable)

Integrated home automation/control

Complete boat security

Access control systems

Fire/Smoke detection systems

Remote wireless keypads

Wireless keyfobs

Wireless Medical panic buttons

Wireless door/window contacts

Wireless motion detectors (pet immune)

Wireless smoke detectors

Wireless temperature detectors

Wireless carbon monoxide detectors

Wireless water detectors

Wireless glass-break detectors


We are an authorized dealer for all majors brands of alarm equipment.